Booking Terms and Conditions

1. A deposit of £50.00 to be paid by the due date stated on the Booking Invoice, to secure the booking. This Fee Is Non-Refundable. Payment can be made by BACS to Blu Ice Roadshow with the details stated on your Invoice.

2. Any additional hours required on the night, will be charged at £50 per hour. Payment needs to be made prior to the commencing hours. If no payments made, then Blu Ice Roadshow will finish at the agreed time.

3. The Client shall have the right to CANCEL the event(s) by serving upon the Blu Ice Roadshow not less than 3 months clear notice in writing, failure to do so will incur payment of 50% of the total balance, for Date(s) Cancelled and MUST be paid BY THE DATE OF THE CANCELLED ENGAGEMENT(S).

4. The Client is responsible for the safety and security at the venue and shall evict any persons causing nuisance to the DJ’S or Assistant or any other persons there. Failure to do so may result in the event ending prior to agreed time in view of the DJ’s safety.

5. The DJ’s will supply all necessary Amplification, and equipment to perform and will be completely self-contained apart from the electrical supply – The Client must ensure that the necessary power supply is present.

6. The DJ’s will require entry to the venue 1 hour prior to the start of the function, and must be informed of any difficult entry, such as flights of stairs, difficulty parking etc.

7. All monies due as in this agreement must be paid 14 days prior to the event. Cash can be paid at the start of the event but with prior agreement between both parties.

8. This booking is not confirmed until the Deposit is paid.

9. By paying the deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated, and confirm the details on the Invoice are correct, at which time it shall become legally binding by both parties.

10. Blu Ice Roadshow will ensure music is played from the stated started time, till the time stated on the invoice. Occasionally Blu Ice Roadshow may not be completely set-up prior to the agreed start time, usually this is due to circumstances outside our control, such as unable to gain entry to the venue or wedding lunches/ speeches over-running. Blu Ice Roadshow will not be held accountable in these circumstances.

11. It is the clients responsibility to clarify with the venue when all music must stop and the premise left by Clients, guests and Blu Ice Roadshow. If this is before the stated finish time, then the finish time will be amended, to ensure we comply with the venues requests. There will be no right to a partial refund due to a reduction in hours played.

12. In event that the function needs to be cancel due to bad weather, snow, flooding etc., Blu Ice will not make any charge.

13. Blu Ice Roadshow cannot be held responsible for any adverse weather conditions which prevents them getting to the venue. Blu Ice Roadshow will be in contact with the customer at all times to inform of any problems.

14. In the event that you feel the service received was not to a high level and to your dissatisfaction, the client will make all attempts to contact Blu Ice Roadshow prior to leaving any negative feedback. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Blu Ice Roadshow, at the earliest opportunity; of any concerns or dissatisfaction, they may have in order for Blu Ice Roadshow to rectify these.

15. The Client must ensure that Blu Ice Roadshow are in an area protected from water or rain. If the event is outside, the client must ensure adequate protections provided, failure to do so may result in termination of the contract and the event cancelled for safety reasons.

16. Unless stated otherwise, the clients agrees to photos taken by Blu Ice Roadshow being used on social media, photo galleries and used for the promotion of Blu Ice Roadshow. However, no personal data shall be written in the caption of the photo tag. The client has the right to withdraw from this prior to the event, or after. If the event has already happened, Blu Ice Roadshow will remove the picture within 14 working days.

17. Any photos taken by Blu Ice Roadshow will remain copyright of Blu Ice Roadshow. No further distribution of images shall be permitted unless prior consent given by Blu Ice Roadshow. Blu Ice Roadshow does not permit other companies to use any images taken by Blu Ice Roadshow for any promotional or advertising campaigns or literature without prior consent.